Product Details

Type A2 Biosafety Cabinet

Contained Vented Enclosures

  • Dyna introduces FSI (Flow Sciences Inc) USA. World Leading Solution provider for contamination control in HP-API, Oncology, Nano particle, steroids, hormones etc. Units come fully tested for OES qualification through Mannequin Test, Airflow smoke pattern test etc.
  • Application :
    Contamination Control Products are used where APIs, Chemical agents or Biological Agents that can cause harm to the individual or the process, are involved. Processes such as Weighing, transferring, manipulation or transformation can be done with safety in FSI enclosures. FSI encloses equipment such as Balances, titrators, blenders, mills, for analytical testing, forensics, medical processes, chemotherapy, nanotechnology and many other containment needs thus ensuring Product, Operator and environment’s safety simultaneously.