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Cleanroom Windows

  • Dyna offers the wide variety of cleanroom windows configurations such as frameless or framed designs, with single-sided or double-sided window construction.
  • The window system is especially designed for the cleaning needs of the pharmaceutical cleanroom.
  • Designed for quick, easy installation in a variety of wall materials and thicknesses.
  • Fully flush to the wall.
  • Unique rounded corners available.
  • Double glass and safety film.
  • Full glass panels available.
Air Cleanliness Class 100 to Class 100, 000
Material of Construction Each unit is constructed of two panels of 3+3 mm double layered and laminated safety glass.
Each panel includes a layer of PVB (polyvinyl butyral) film laminated between two layers of glass.
Frameless Tempered glassĀ (6mm Thick)
Framed Static-dissipative PVC, polycarbonate and acrylic
Model Width W Thickness t Length L
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